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Spend a couple of days being breathless, and you won’t appreciate that particular literary trope anymore.


I scaled him.
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I scaled him.

Submitted by thrvrnd.

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The Game Plan

I’ve been up and down Amazon, trying to figure out a reading list (which you can look at by clicking the tab if you want to know what I’m doing), and I’ve now got a game plan, my lovelies. After some consultation with fellow members of the reading everything committee, I’m going to start with Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Yes, that is the book that became the movie. Next comes The Book Thief,…

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today i ordered coffee under the name “stannis” and i shit you not the barista called out “i have a regular caramel latte for the one true king of westeros”

#who knew davos worked at a starbucks

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New things

So. New blog for you to read, should you be interested. I try my hand at amateur book reviews.

First post to come whenever I finish a damn book. Book four of A Song of Ice and Fire is eating my soul. Time for a break.

Here’s what we do…

Here’s what we do…

So, I originally started this blog as an assignment for class, but that’s all done with now. I had 3 random posts written last year, and they were all boring. Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this thing. 

Figured it out.

Here’s where I’m going to review books. Now, this isn’t an uncommon practice, but I try to do things differently because no one ever remembers you if…

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This shit’s deep.

This shit’s deep.

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Whenever people who take psych meds get together.

Also when spoonies get together.

Me talking with everyone I know.

That last one is definitely true. Definitely.

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I’m posting on tumblr to avoid school work.